If you don’t have a VA yet, you’re missing out! (What the heck is a VA anyway?)

  September 20, 2017

What the heck did I do before a VA?

Yea, I’m saying that as a commonplace phrase because it needs to be.  So now what the heck is a VA?  It’s a Virtual Assistant.  Duh.  Okay, fine, I hadn’t even heard of one until I launched Leap Intuit.  Then someone suggested I become part of this Facebook entrepreneurs group, and I posted some random questions about CRM and project management systems.  All of a sudden, an an angel surfaced named Liz.

Liz totally gave before she got, which is totally my style, and I got tons of awesome systems advice from her.

One day I looked at her profile and website more closely and realized she had this mysterious ‘Virtual Assistant’ title and outlined all these tasks that I strongly dislike as her forte and passion. What?! A total match made in heaven…but really, beyond that, I quickly realized this was exactly what I needed to make my G Zone a reality.  Liz has taken on so much of my ‘bottom zone quadrants (check out that resources if you haven’t yet done that) and has made my work life so much more enjoyable.

Since my work started with Liz, I’ve now helped my current client hire on not one, but TWO, Virtual Assistants which has significantly increased productivity within the organization.  I think this is the best-kept secret…and now the cat’s out of the bag.

So ready, set, HIRE your VA.

Want to know how?  Schedule a free consultation…I’ll talk you through it!

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