An idea is only as good as the action plan behind it

  October 10, 2017

How do you even start a blog?  You just DO IT.  I used to think that I needed to ‘find my motivation’ before starting a project.  I noticed a long time ago that if I ‘waited for my motivation to kick in before getting started,’ I was just plain screwed. I realized (mostly through starting my own businesses through the years) is that action breeds motivation.

You get inspired once you start something, and then the motivation and inspiration follows.

It’s actually my entire philosophy around my company and hence why the name is Leap Intuit.

Sometimes you gotta just START to know where you’re headed.

A map is great and necessary sometimes, except that staring at it in advance doesn’t get you one step ahead of where you are at the present moment.  The new WAZE app is much more my style…start driving and then reroute if necessary.  I apply this to almost everything I do.  And it’s right in line with how I’m wired, which is a ‘9 Quickstart’ (out of 10) per the official KOLBE A test that a good friend made me take.  (I highly recommend it by the way…it helps you know yourself, and what you’re wired to do well.)

My motto around business- and particularly around sales where I’ve spent most of my career- is that:

An idea is only as good as the action behind it.

And getting started, now, is the only way to launch into motion and test drive your plan.  What ideas have you been wanting to make a reality lately?  Leave a reply, or better yet, schedule a free consultation so we can talk through it!

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