The secret to freedom in your business

  November 2, 2017

I recently read a book called The Big Leap by Gap Hendricks.  Very few business books keep my attention long, but this one did until the very last page.  It was all about being in your Zone of Genius, which sounds cheesy, but it’s forever changed the way I think about how I can best help clients.

I used to think I had to DO everything, BE everything, and MANAGE everything…and that no one could do it better.

The truth was, as long as I thought no one could do it better, that was the absolute truth.  When I started to hone in on what I enjoyed doing, it matched up perfectly with the way I ultimately served my clients best (especially in my new business where I had the freedom to design it as I wished).

Between knowing and understanding my Zone of Genius (which typically encompasses just two or three areas), and the pairing it with a quadrant exercise which one of my business mentors introduced to me, I am truly loving my zone and my work.  My G Zone (anyone find that crude?) is being a storyteller (anything can be sold via a solid story), a connector (I thrive on finding resources for people and making teams come together) and a director (I outsource and delegate to capable people and make absolute sure it gets done). Really everything I love to do falls in one of those categories. I’d let go of the rest any day of the week.

I’ve created a resource for you to arrive at YOUR G Zone. Check it out here and report back what you want to ditch. As a rule of thumb, you want to spend 80%+ of your time in your G Zone every day.  The key is to outsource/delegate as much as possible that does NOT fall into this quadrant.

It’s the key to business sustainability, health and ultimately, wealth.

By the way, this works beyond the business front…try it out (a future blog post will be about outsourcing your life, my all-time favorite topic).

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