The single most effective tool in advancing a sale

  November 14, 2017

Prepping for meetings and conference calls is paramount.  Simply said, it’s the difference between having a ‘nice conversation,’ and having an interaction that moves an opportunity or a business relationship forward.

The key to a successful interaction lies in the planning, even for the expert salesperson.

In fact, it’s what makes an expert an expert.

Successful sales is about persistence, professionalism, planning and process.

Planning for each client interaction is the intersection of all these elements that create an ideal sales recipe.  It’s not about taking a whole bunch of notes during a meeting…it’s about taking the right notes.  In each and every sales interaction, the number one thing to listen for is someone’s pain points.  Then, it’s translating that pain into their win.  Latching onto what will make him/her look good and relieve the pain is the key to winning a deal (or winning over that person).

And it HAS to be genuine.  So really listen and don’t go into a conversation with the answer…truly listen and identify what matters.

So what’s the single most effective tool in planning a meaningful interaction?

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