Have you asked people to refer you?

  May 1, 2018

There’s an equally important follow-up question to that one. Have you made it easy for people to refer you?

People take action:

1) When they are reminded or asked to do so AND
2) If it’s easy for them to do so

The key here is that BOTH things have to occur.

We just sent out our first referral program incentive here at Leap Intuit. Basically, we offered all of our clients free consulting if they helped spread the word about Leap.

Focus on what works

Every one of our leads over the past year has come from a referral. This works for us. So why not continue to focus on what works? That’s exactly what we did, but the key to our ‘referral campaign’ was making it EASY for people to take action. We outlined the program and the incentive in a few sentences, and then we provided a template for them to forward on. That’s it.

Have you set up your referral program yet?

We’re happy to talk you through the specifics of a good referral program, as there’s one more secret ingredient to making it work. Feel free to set up a complimentary call here.

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