Up Close and Personal

  May 29, 2018

Sonny is going to be one month old this week. Everyone keeps asking when I am going back to work. I never have a good answer, and today it dawned on me why.

When Work Doesn’t Feel Like “Work”

Obviously, there’s no traditional maternity leave when you own your own business.

But the reason I had such a hard time answering that question is because I am already working, yet it doesn’t feel like “work.” I honestly hope I always feel like that with my business. It feels wonderful and challenging and balanced and fun, all wrapped up together.

I had clients over for a meeting when Sonny was two weeks old. It didn’t feel like too much at all. I loved it. I didn’t make any apologies for doing it at the time that worked best for Sonny or asking them to come over to my house so I could feed him right before. My clients are awesome (clearly), and everyone I have worked with in the past year of launching Leap has been the same way. It’s a new era for sure, and work doesn’t have to follow the traditional model only for people that own their own businesses.


Flexible Work

Plenty of more traditional companies are trying to offer flexibility. It really comes down to who someone reports to that dictates whether or not he/she truly feels empowered to work their schedule around their needs. More often it’s allowed but not totally blessed. I think it’s entirely dependent on the individual and what kind of structure they need. I have managed many people that do NOT thrive under a more flexible structure. For me, I NEED flexibility to thrive.

Want to discuss flexibility in the workplace and how to figure out if it works for your employees? Let’s talk.


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