Taking the Leap

  July 12, 2018

I got a message on LinkedIn that it was my one-year work anniversary.

It feels like it’s been forever, yet a hot second, all at the same time. Like a time warp. So much has happened in the past year- I birthed a baby and a business. We almost lost the baby, which was such a surreal time (he’s doing awesome now).

I gained a new sense of gratitude for what this business means to me…

I am so passionate about it that it doesn’t feel like work AND I get to raise my kids. After spending 180 ‘wake-ups and bedtimes’ away from my kids in 18 months at KPMG, I am so appreciative of this new freedom. It hasn’t been easy to launch a new business, but it’s felt right the entire time…

The Leap business is thriving.

I love it and it’s rooted in real results for clients. I had another business about eight years ago that was way more than a passion and much smaller than a sustainable business. The difference was simple: while the passion and following were there with my other business (called 2 Dine For, a ‘he said/she said’ restaurant review website), the revenue model wasn’t. I didn’t wait too long to cut bait, and it was sad and a relief at the same time. I learned more from the ‘failure of a new business’ than in 10 years in Corporate America.

My new challenge with Leap is making it scalable and serving the masses. I have a plan and can’t wait to reveal it…an idea is only as good as the action plan behind it so stay tuned for the big reveal.

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