Go Bold or Go Home

  February 13, 2019

I’ve been with my current client for over a year now, and we’ve done some big stuff. We’ve gone bold. It’s the Year of the Bold for them actually. Why? They’ve earned it. They’ve done awesome work for 15 years, and it’s time to tout it. They’re humble. They’re all worker-bees at every level of the organization. They are constantly doing right by their clients. AND they’ve been so busy working that they haven’t realized how fabulous they are…

‘Sarketing’ is marketing from a sale perspective. But clients and prospects smell B.S.. big time, and quickly, if it’s not ‘real.’ TRUTH in Sarketing is paramount. It’s a fine line between bragging and speaking your truth boldly. When you can speak truth boldly and weave it into everything you do, you’ve cracked the code.

Are you speaking your BOLD truth?

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