Does your messaging SOUND good, or does it SELL good?

  April 25, 2019

Funny question, I know (not to mention the obvious grammar issue)…

Think about it for a minute. Does your company’s message just sound good, or does it truly sell your product? Is your messaging confusing in any way? I love master marketer Donald Miller’s slogan “If you confuse, you lose.” That says it all.

Messaging from a sales perspective

Messaging/branding is often times created by talented marketing gurus. At Leap Intuit, we believe the power of the message lies within YOU and your target audience. It’s all about what words will sell your stuff, and at the core, you have to be able to deliver upon what you promise. We come at messaging from a sales perspective versus a flashy marketing perspective. We vet the message with your target audience to make sure we nailed it. Then we engage the marketing guru to make it pretty, concise and easily understood in each and every piece of sales material. That’s our Get-the-Deal-Done (GDD) program in a nutshell.

The messaging litmus test

Now for the litmus test: which message piques your interest?

1. At Leap Intuit, we take your sales to the next level through strategic consulting focused tailored to your needs.


2. At Leap Intuit, we take you from average to breakthrough sales in eight weeks.

The latter is our GDD program.  Feel free to get in touch to see how we would deliver on this promise for you.


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