Death by PowerPoint

  May 16, 2019

This is a real thing.

PowerPoint can kill a deal.

I’m not saying I don’t use it for clients- I do. But I have strict parameters around any deliverable I create as a ‘Power Deck.’ Calling it a Power Deck with my clients helps reinforce the necessary requirements to make it work FOR you, not against you.

Here are the Cliffs’ Notes:

  1. 10 slides or under, with cover page – no exceptions (the minute you whip out a PowerPoint deck, every person in the room is trying to figure out how many slides it is…set the stage that you have a 10-slide deck and DO NOT believe in death by PowerPoint…just to keep their attention)
  2. Do not hide behind your deck – your words come first, and the slides are there to reinforce key phrases
  3. Do not put full sentences on a slide
  4. Best slides have under 50 words and a graphic
  5. Your template does not need to be fancy…maximize the real estate for a compelling image or infographic instead


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