Case Study

Beacon Clinics

Ron Barshop, Founder and CEO- Beacon Clinics
Transforming a healthcare services company from plateau to growth mode


200% growth in meaningful and true pipeline opportunities


  • Total revamp of initial and ongoing training
  • Defined roles and responsibilities of sales team, and defined weekly and quarterly metrics and quotas
  • Interviewed, trained, onboard and provided ongoing management of new sales team
  From The Client

“Erika served as VP of Business Development for our company and we signed 72 agreements with Primary Care Physicians generating $1m in monthly collections within a year. She is all about strategic execution and understands exactly how rapid ramp up should work.

We are reengaging to do it again.”

Ron Barshop
CEO of Beacon Clinics

  Background & What LEAP Accomplished with Beacon

Beacon Clinics is a successful healthcare services company that puts ancillary allergy labs within PCP practices.  In a nutshell, Beacon engaged with LEAP to jumpstart its next level of growth.  Operations were running smoothly, the physician clients were happy, and patient outcomes were through the roof.  That can only mean one thing for a solid company…time to GROW.

Beacon lacked a formal sales training, onboarding, and ongoing management strategy.  LEAP came in, quickly assessed the current situation, rerouted the existing sales process, brought on a new sales rep and established a new level of expectations for sales.  With Erika’s background as a feet-on-the-street salesperson, the goal is always to create dual value for both the salesperson and the company.  Within 60 days, the number of meaningful lead activity tripled, the reporting quality reached a whole new level, and the opportunity pipeline (and quality) doubled.

Erika continues to provide strategic direction, coaching for the sales team and ongoing input on weekly calls.