Case Study

VERT Solar Finance

Joaquin Altenberg, Founder and CEO- VERT Solar Finance
Building a direct sales strategy for a leading solar energy company...


“Erika over-delivered, plain and simple. Her business intuition and sales mind were absolutely critical to our business success. I continue to reach out to her for business coaching on an ongoing basis.”

  From The Client

“We engaged with LEAP to build out a direct sales strategy.¬† Erika has become part of our team within a few short months, and we are making tangible progress daily in accomplishing that goal.”


Joaquin Altenberg

Founder and CEO- VERT Solar Finance

  • Created value proposition for new ‘direct’ sales strategy (previously, VERT was selling through third-party developers)
  • Conducted Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD) interviews to define what prospects truly needed
  • Developed sales materials and resources
  • Created elevator pitch,¬†cold call scripts and email outreach templates
  • Defined process for each stage of the multi-staged sales process
  • Developed buyer personas
  • Developed Salesforce SOP to support direct sales strategy
  • Provided executive coaching and sales team coaching
  • Determined sales metrics
  • Revised CEO bio for speaking engagements
  • Conducted outreach campaigns to prospects
  • Elevated look and feel of sales collateral and materials
  • Established weekly pipeline meeting and format
  • Compiled A to Z sales playbook, defining internal process and consolidating all sales materials both for new and existing sales reps