We’re a boutique sales consulting firm specializing in the healthcare, energy, and lifestyle products industries. Once you welcome us in, consider us one of your teammates. We can’t wait to work right by your side. Your company badge becomes ours - and we’ll wear it with pride.

We have industry experience in healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing and energy. We’ve carried the (sales) bag, built sales teams and processes from nothing, managed teams of 40+, and everything in between. You’re in good hands.

Rest assured, we’ll leave your business in better shape than we found it. And then some.

Let us show you exactly how we’re different than your average consulting firm...


  • “Discovery Teams” will come in and take weeks to tell you everything you’re doing wrong.
  • They’ll create reports so heavy with paper you can use them as a door stop.
  • They’ll tell you what to do and then leave you hosting meeting after meeting trying to get the 'recommendations' done.


  • Our quick-start ability to walk in, understand where you are with your sales, and get moving.
  • We create plans and put them into action FOR YOU.
  • Immediate implementation – this is really what we do.

Diving head first into YOUR business and propelling your sales to new heights is kind of our thing, so feel free to check out our services to continue.