"Through complexity comes simplicity. My goal for your business is for LEAP to dive in and bring clarity to your strategy and approach. If it’s too complicated, people won’t buy it. If your sales people can’t explain it, then they can’t sell it. It’s that simple."

Welcome. I’m Erika. I’m a sales strategy consultant who specializes in working with companies looking to hit that next level of growth – I’m talking about taking you from average sales to BREAKTHROUGH sales.


I don’t like to waste time, money, or energy ---- when I make a decision to outsource part of what I’m doing, I want nothing short of excellence.

I appreciate REAL results and ACTIONS versus long-winded plans that grow dust on a stack papers on your desk.

I like OVERDELIVERY to a T - I like to have fun while doing it - and I want the results to show for it. And the results speak for themselves.


I’d just left my corporate job with one of the “Big 4” accounting/consulting firms. A couple days later, I was entertaining four different job paths/offers. I was humbled to have options - but the thought of returning to the corporate world didn’t light me up.

I wanted to challenge myself – and I wanted to make a tremendously larger impact on the companies I served. That’s when I suddenly saw those four offers as four projects for my new consulting practice. Simply said, I decided to ‘leap into it.’ Those initial four companies had businesses (or new lines of business) that were about to blossom – where growth was so close, it was bubbling – so close, they could almost touch it.


When you think of consulting, you might picture an army of people coming in to do months of “discovery work,” writing a book of recommendations, and then leaving you with stacks of paper. The reality is that the recommendations get executed by the company about 1% of the time.

THIS is why traditional consulting is dying. You don’t want to pay for an outsider to come in and start giving recommendations, do you? You want the problem solved.

An idea is only as good as the action behind it, and a sales strategy is only as solid as the process and management behind it.

At Leap Intuit, we help you create real results and reach your next level of growth. Simply said, we become part of your team on day 1 working together and leave your business in better shape every day after. Don’t take it from me, take it from our clients.

Here are some ways I’ve personally helped past companies thrive:

  • Lead a startup company from zero to 10 million in sales in ten months.
  • Hired and trained over 50 independent marketing and sales representatives.
  • Secured largest single deal (over $13m) in five years at energy software company.
  • Developed and executed sales strategy, CRM implementation (Salesforce.com), collateral, sales to ops transition and salesperson training plans.

To download a summary of my formal resume and results with the companies I’ve served, click here.


I LOVE moving the needle. It's so gratifying. And I LOVE putting my heart into something that other people have heart in. I only work with people and businesses with a high degree of integrity and I feel fortunate that the universe typically brings me that in spades.