Paint the Person

Knowing your customer and their pain points is critical to the sales process. Dig deep and get into their heads so their needs and desires are anticipated. All of your marketing materials should target these personas and what will make them tick. Take the time to do this work, and you will see a direct correlation to your sales success. Using a real name you will readily recognize is recommended.

LEAP Master Meeting Planner (MMP)

Prepping for meetings and conference calls is paramount. Simply said, it’s the difference between having ‘a nice conversation’ and moving the needle on the sales opportunity and the relationship. As a bonus, this template is useful not only for sales calls, but for any call where you have an objective in mind and need to move a conversation forward. It’s all about knowing your audience and what makes them tick.

LEAP Quadrant Kickstarter

Before you take one more step forward on your business, take a pause to do this exercise.  The results can be a game changer in how you run your business and your level of satisfaction with your day-to-day role.  When you take honest stock here, the productivity you get across your organization can increase exponentially.

Quick-Start Questionnaire

Use our quick-start questionnaire to identify exactly where you need help in your business right now and HOW we can make sure you tackle those challenges. We’re here to provide solutions and action steps to keep you moving forward.